Parametron makes it easy to set up and efficiently (ideally, with zero allocation) solve instances of a parameterized family of optimization problems.

Parametron interfaces with various solvers through MathOptInterface.jl, similar to JuMP. However, unlike JuMP, the focus of Parametron is on efficient and user-friendly problem modification.


Installing Julia

Download links and more detailed instructions are available on the Julia website. The latest version of Parametron.jl requires Julia 0.7, but we recommend downloading 1.0 (the latest stable Julia release at the time of writing).


Do not use apt-get or brew to install Julia, as the versions provided by these package managers tend to be out of date.

Installing Parametron

To install the latest tagged release of Parametron, start Julia and enter Pkg mode by pressing ]. Then simply run

add Parametron

To use the latest master version and work on the bleeding edge (generally, not recommended), instead run

add Parametron#master

A third option is to clone the repository (to the directory printed by julia -e 'import Pkg; println(Pkg.devdir())'):

dev Parametron


See the README for usage examples.


See the API section for detailed documentation of exported functions.